Second-hand clothing is the type of clothing that has been used or stayed for a long time in a store. Most fo warehouses supply second-hand clothing in 50lbs, 100lbs or more at a certain price that does not favour most middle and low-class buyers.

Aleoba has made it possible and easy for most people who are looking for second-hand clothing at an affordable lower price. Are you looking for something that will cost Stating form $30.00 with high value?

Aleoba Second Hand Clothing Bale of Long Sleeves Sports tops (25 Items )

Men and Women Long Sleeve Tops/Shirts


This is a high-quality long sleeve Second-Hand Sports Tops at a very low price that can be afforded by everyone. They are well packaged in a see-through bag.

A Bale of 25 items on Sale for Only $29.16 

Mixed Ladies Pants


A quality affordable stylish bale of Mixed Casual ladies pants. They can be used for parties, long journey, shopping, exercising, and for home relaxation.

For Only $59.40


Ladies Shorts



Quality ladies shorts, best for outdoors, relaxation, etc.. Still in a very good condition. Worn few times and is one of the best.


For Only $87.47 a bale


Ladies Mini Skirts


Very high quality and affordable. Worn few times and some are still new.


Only $35.46 a bale. 


Summer Ladies tops/blouses

Quality and beautiful blouses at a lower price.

$48.60 a bale




20 Foot container full of high-quality second-hand clothing, best for wholesaling and retailing. Get it at a very low price, Shipping included up to your nearest port. Ready for a change?

Get it as low as $13,500.00