The Savuti Northern Pride With Their Cubs

These two pride are historically known to hunt elephants. They have been recently sported killing one of the young elephants in the national park.
This Lions move in a park of nothing less than fifteen. They Always hunt together to easily accomplish the mission. They were sported in Chobe National park on the northern side of Chobe by African Bush lovers while in action. This is an amassing moment to witness!

This area is surrounded by the fauna and the flora of nature that will always be an amazing experience to travelers.

Find time and enjoy the beauty of nature as you explore every moment. Get an experience on how real wild animals that are not in a Zoo behave, and how they survive without being caged.

9 thoughts on “The Savuti Northern Pride With Their Cubs

  1. It can be a beautiful experience indeed to see this lions in action. It is amazing how they hunt together. How long does it take for them to be able to take down an elephant? Can one lion take down an elephant or it has to be more than one? How many hours are your activities? Is the camping safe from these wild lions? I will be looking forward to your response Mbanga Stanza Molaodi.

    1. Good day Mwaka Ruth Azali
      Savuti Prides can number upto 30 Lions in a pride and the bigger the pride the better the chances of taking down an Elephant and to hunt such a big animal they need to have more male Lions for power. It will also depend on the size and age of an Elephant. For a fully grown Elephant the whole Pride should work as a team and it will take 30 more or less about 1 to 2 hours to drop down an Elephant. At the end of an Elephant struggle one or few lions will be injured and sometimes a lion can even die from a fight. That is the reason why Lions hunt Elephants only if there is less other animals in the area, it is not a very common sight this days because now Savuti have other animal species which came after the Savuti Channel got its water back.
      That mean 1 Lion can not take down the land giant only if it’s a very young Elephant alone.

  2. When you watch the video, it’s hard to imagine that these beautiful creatures are actually predators. When you see them with their cubs it’s easy to forget their true nature. Sounds daft but I was surprised by the varying ages of the cubs. For some reason I just assumed they would have one litter that would grow and then leave. Here you can see the different sizes of cubs, obviously due to age. They all seeemd very chilled.

    I’m not sure if I’ve ever see such a video either. The camera seemed so close and apart from one cub, that looked over curiously, none of the others seemed bothered. They just looked like they couldn’t make thier mind up, whether to play or curl up and go to sleep, I think mum and dad would have chosen the latter.

  3. It is always a pleasure to find contents like this. I’m truly glad I found it. I’m not very inclined to sit in front of a tv (only for video games lol) but whenever I do, you can be sure natgeo wild is on screen. I enjoy watching these lions in action, I also enjoy watching them teach their cubs how to hunt. It’s always a joy to behold.

    Thanks for sharing 

  4. Wow, these lions look absolutely amazing and so spectacular to look at. I always wonder whether any species would eat these lions for their food within the animal food cycle. Or is the svuti northern pride considered to be the kings of the animal kingdom? Would be good to know this. 

  5. Such beautiful creatures. It’s amazing to see them interact in the wild. And it’s cool that they stick together and work together to survive. I think animals belong in the wild or very large reserves and/or sanctuaries, but not really zoos. I know many zoos have great intentions, but I do think animals, especially big cats, should remain in the wild. 

    1. Thank you all for the great comments and we are very happy that you all know the different between animals on Zoos and those in the wild. We do all our activities in the true wilderness of Africa and we use Professional Nature Guides which are all well trained to take Guests out on activities with an amazing knowledge of fauna and flora.
      Join any of our wild camping trips through the African wilderness and experience the joy and wonders of Mother nature.
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