The Importance of Shoes

A Shoe

A shoe is an outer cover of your foot that has a firm and stiff bottom, a strong sole called a heel attached to it to be able to support your body weight and the upper part which is attached to the shoe bed that covers the top of your foot. A shoe is an item of footwear that is made or intended to provide protection and comfort to a human foot in rough conditions, weather, illnesses and also while attending different types of activities. They are designed in different styles, patterns, heights, colours, and sizes.

Shoes are made out leather, rubber, plastics,  wood, and canvas. The designs of shoes have changed throughout the centuries,  they have been manufactured by shoemakers that are patient and caring. They are manufacturing these shoes to meet the needs and wants of the wearer. These shoes are either dress shoes, sports shoes, boots, sandals, and heels.  All are made in a way to provide our foot with the best comfort and support. DRESSES

What does a shoe do?

Without your shoes, your foot is in danger.  As we walk, they are many things we encounter laying on the ground that can easily cut or injure our foot. They are thorns, cut bottles, rocks, grass, stumps, and much more. During winter time we need shoes that cover and give our foot proper temperature. They are shoes that are specially made for that period of time to provide you with the best comfort. When summertime comes, they are shoes that are specially made for the summer. Comfortable shoes are a very important element to the human life, for they are not only made for the beauty but they are also made to protect you from many types of diseases and illnesses.  They are illnesses that are caused by walking barefoot and some are caused by wearing uncomfortable shoes. Some of this illnesses are podoconiosis,  ingrown nail,  bunions, corns, arthritis, and plantar fascia.


THE BEAUTY OF SHOES  The Beauty of Heels

  Shoes are elegant, super gorgeous, beautiful, sexy, fun, enjoyable, pretty and comfortable. They are like a person who is very calm and assured but ready for action. Carries you with an air of confidence and sophistication, revealing your quality. They are designed and manufactured in a special way to give a person a final gloomy look to bring the dress code to a double finish.

In the shoe world, Is where you find comfort, beauty, confidence, happiness and support and love. They are very important things to consider before you purchase your shoes.  You will learn the importance of shoes, shoe types, shoe shapes, sizes, sickness and diseases that can be caused by walking barefoot and uncomfortable shoes. You will easily find places to purchase comfortable shoes.


Are you Looking for Comfortable shoes?

As you consider purchasing shoes you have to first understand the type and size of your foot arch, as people, we are not created the same and same thing with our feet. They are people with normal foot arch, flat foot arch, and high foot arch.

What is a foot arch?

An Arch


foot archAn arch is a  formation of the metatarsal and tarsal bones that are strengthened by tendons and ligaments to provide your body with proper support.  The part of your feet that includes the bones between the ankle and the toes. It is a curved shape that is between the heel and forefoot or the toes.  An arch creates a space for tissues such as plantar fascia. A thick tissue that supports the arch on the bottom side of the foot. This tissue connects from your foot heel running through your arch to the toes. It helps with the elasticity and flexibility of your foot while walking, running, and exercising.  They are three types of foot arches.


  •             Normal  Foot Arch

normal feet arch

This is when your ball/heel and your forefoot connect in a wide band, and the instep is a bit higher from the ground.  Sixty percent of the population in the world is considered to have a normal foot arch.



  • Flat  / low foot arch

flat feetIt is when the arch foot lie near complete on the ground while standing. Some people consider flat feet to be a medical problem or a disorder but are not always the case. Some are created that way and they are not in pain or any foot problem.  I  know a lot of flat feet people who are well and healthy. It is simply that the instep is much lower. Twenty percent of the population is considered to have low/flat foot arch.


  •              High Foot Arch 

high foot arch

It is when the section between your ball and forefoot connects in a very narrow band. It is much high from the ground. Twenty percent of the world population has this type of foot arch.

You will be able to find the shoe that provides your feet type with the best comfort and support.


Types of shoes

They are a variety of shoes to choose from. A shoe is a special thing that never leaves a person. They travel with you everywhere you go. They cross oceans, lakes, and rivers with you. The only thing you will always stand on.

Shoes vary in different ways, they are some for special event’s,  for summer,  for winter, and for sports.  Shoes with high heels, sandals, flat shoes, running shoes, walking shoes, sports shoes, and working shoes. All this are designed to protect our feet in different ways. They are made to provide our foot arch with an excellent support so that we will not experience any type of foot pain while walking, running or exercising.

                                                    “Let your shoe do the talking!”


high heel archSpecial events are occasions that most people like to show their best. Most women prefer to wearing high heels that match with their dress code. People they find it difficult to find a heeled shoe that is very comfortable. The reason why is because they normally choose heels that are not designed for their foot arch, and they will end up saying it is hard to walk or run on heels.  High heel shoes are also designed to increase your height, but the higher they are the more uncomfortable they get especially if you choose a wrong one. It is always best to find a heel that you are comfortable on that which you with the most support.  These type of shoes are considered dress shoes for they are made to reveal your beauty.[adToappearHere]

Dress shoes are similar to work shoes. This is the time whereby everyone desire to be glowing, comfortable and happy. Men dress shoes are shoes that are manufactured and designed in a unique way. They have an inside layer which is designed to help the men foot not to sweat a lot. Mostly the outer design is made in the way that the wearer can wear the same shoe type to ddifferent occasions Especially brogue shoe, you can wear them to special, and casual occasions. If you have few of brogue shoes you are set for a very long time until they are really old or they are damaged. They have the best comfort and support every man may need on his shoes.

Long wing brogueEvery person wants to feel power, love, comfort and support. It is a special feeling that most people want as they leave their homes.  The comfortable dress shoe for women and men are the best to deliver that feeling. They embrace you, they give you an elegant and gorgeous look. It is a shoe that lifts your spirit up and gives you power and motivation.


    ” Here comes, summertime!”



men sandal 2The best time ever for relaxation. The time to enjoy the outdoors, the time to experience the love and beauty of nature. The time to visit the white sand of the beach. The time to put on your nice Spectacular sandals, showing your beautiful pedicure. The time to free your feet from under cover. It is the best shoe for summer time and also for occasions that require you to remove your shoes.

Sandals are special shoes made to free your leg from being covered. They are shoes that are made out of different material, they have a strong foot bad with a short heel that connects with the shoe bad. Some of the sandals have flat heels with small strings or thick strips that go along the top of your foot.They free your leg from sweating and from being squeezed inside of tight shoes and boots.

sandals womenThey are also good for people suffering from an ingrown nail, sandals help your foot from being squeezed, and from repeated friction that may cause your condition to become worse and more painful. They are also good for those who suffer from neuropathic pain, a chronic pain usually accompanied by tissue injuries. It is a disease that affects the foot comfort.


Winter, “the coldest months”

This is the coldest season of the year in the hemisphere, between autumn and Spring. In the northern hemisphere, winter normally starts from the month of November to March. This is simply because the axis of the Earth in a certain hemisphere is away from the sun.

What happens to your body during winter?

Our body responds to the change of weather through a small gland in the brain called hypothalamus. It is responsible for regulating our body temperature. As the temperature change, our bodies respond in different ways depending on age and the body fitness.

Can winter affect your foot?

Yes, winter can definitely affect your foot whether you are young or old. This happens because your foot has been exposed to cold. Once your foot is exposed to cold, you start to have red or blue discolouration, burning sensation, numbness of the foot, and cramps in the lower part of your foot.[adToappearHere]

Best comfortable shoes for winter

winterBoots are the best shoes that can protect and give you the most support and comfort during cold seasons. They are types of shoes that cover the entire parts of your foot, some covers up to the area next to the knee.  They help to keep your foot warm and when your foot is warm, the heat will be transferred to your body through the blood circulation.



Note: Sudden changes in body temperature can cause or lead to death. Always be alway of the weather changes.Learn how to protect yourself all the time. This can happen to anyone, young or old.



” Shoes for most action,” 

the best


Shoes that carries champions to the finish line!

They give you all the support and motivation to keep going. Sports Shoes, they tell you that “you can’t quit now, keep going you will make it.” They give you strength and a smile at the end. They provide you with an extreme comfort. These shoes have a special platform that is designed to stabilise your foot while running, exercising, and jumping. It is a shoe that can stretch along with your foot as you move or exercise in different positions. Most of the sports shoes they have a string on top to tie them on your foot so that they are adjustable to fit your foot.

Sports shoes are also the best for people who are suffering from arthritis, a medical condition that causes the joints of the body to become swollen and painful. Involving the stiffness of the musculoskeletal system. They help to stabilise your foot pain while walking.


Uncomfortable shoes can harm your feet. They can also cause an ingrown nail. Try to find shoes that have good orthopaedic and good orthotic. This is a part of a shoe where it is designed to straighten, improve, support and comfort your foot. The shoe that nicely fits you well. Read My Story  

NOTE:  Avoid walking barefoot

It can cause podoconiosis also known as noufilarial elephantiasis ( the swelling of the leg). It is a deadly disease that attacks your foot in a dangerous way.

Many people had experienced foot problems, and we don’t need these illnesses to keep happening to us.  Did you learn something from this article?  Say something on the box below and don’t forget to share what you learned.

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  1. Awesome article! Most often, I buy shoes based on the appearance and at times wear it once then leave it aside as it was too pain for my legs. Your article is an eye opener for me as I know now that I should be buying shoes based on the comfort the shoes provided for my legs instead of just the appearance. Thanks for the tips and this will help me in choosing the right shoes from now onwards!

  2. to wear shoes which make you comfortable,I definitely agree with your opinion,which I obey this point, matter how beautiful the shoes are, if it wears uncomfortable,I never buy them.

    thanks for your share theconception on foot arch, I never heard about it before. it do help me to better understand my foot condition and how to choose a comfortable shoes.

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