Seller Policy

What are your rights as a seller?

We are here to connect vendors and buyers around the globe.
You must apply to become a vendor or a seller. Your application will be approved based on your application information.

ALEOBA Online marketplace has the right to approve or disapprove your application.

About transactions

All transactions must be carried on …….. marketplace. Transactions that will take place outside this marketplace, if any despot occurs we will not assist you to resolve the issue.

By opening a store on ALEOBA.COM you agree to pay 5% of every sale you make. 95% will be deposited in the account listed under your store.

You agree to maintain your price to the minimum pricing of the marketplace under that category your product is listed on.

You agree to be reliable, faithful and comply with the ALEOBA.COM online marketplace policy.

You agree to be contacted by customers or ………marketplace admin through the Email or phone number that you provided under your store.