Any customer who purchases products in Aleoba who is not satisfied with the product condition has a right to return products within 14 days after delivery.

If a customer receives a product that was not as described at the time of purchase he/she must return it unless otherwise. 

The customer can either request a refund or an exchange with a different product that cost the same amount of the cancelled product.

If the customer receives a damaged product due to transportation while the product was in transit, the customer must contact Aleoba Customer service as soon as possible and he/she must point the issue to the shipping company before collecting the product. 

The refund will be only issued after Aleoba has received the returned product.

The returned product must arrive in the same condition it has left Aleoba.

NOTE: Second Hand Clothing cannot be returned after they have been shipped. They cannot be cancelled after the processing time has passed. See the Cancellation policy HERE