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PAYMENTS Thank you for choosing our store. We have a very secure payment method. We have two payment method, Bank Transfer / Wire transfer and PayPal. Bank Transfer / Wire transfer Once you choose the bank/wire transfer method, use the information given after you proceeding  to payment and the order number to complete the wire […]

Best Evening Dreses
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Best Evening dresses you can count on!                                                 Click here

Where to Sell Products or Services Online
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Sell products online What is a product?  A product is anything that can be manufactured, created, made and designed for sale. It can also be defined as a finished product, unfinished product, tangible and intangible. Finished products are products such as clothing, Shoes, electronics, furniture, etc… and unfinished products are products that you have to buy in […]

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Aleoba Aleoba is an online marketplace that brings products/services to millions of people. We help highly motivated and committed individuals to open a store under our online marketplace. Aleoba was formed to make shopping and selling easier in different countries, It allows manufacturers, vendors and consumers to trade products and services. Aleoba also promotes local manufactures of […]

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