No amount is too small to help, any amount of your choice will be much appreciated.

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Our goal  is to be able to raise money to help unfortunate men and women who have so much talent.  These artists, sculptors, textile manufacturers, and others have created beautiful products to share around the world through

These entrepreneurs, originating from various countries, have amazing talents ready to be seen in the market.  Yet, there exists a barrier to entry caused by a lack of resources.  The funds requested will assist in bringing their online stores to the international community.

Just imagine a widow or widower with children going to bed hungry four to five days a week.  Though this person has designed and created something of value, her ability to sell internationally is limited.  Through, with its established supply chain and business mentoring, she would be able to sell her products, grow her company, and provide for her family.

There are more true stories that I have seen with my own eyes that made me realize that if we stand together and help one another we can save and change many lives for generations to come.  No talented human being deserves to be in this kind of situation while there is hope.

We intend to give these people reasons to have joy and laughter in their lives which will go and grow from one generation to another.

We already have representatives in different countries that are teaching these gifted people how to use the platform and encouraging them to have control of their lives and help their children have a brighter future.

We are trying to awaken those dreams that have been nearly shattered.

My dear family and friends, we need your help and your support to assist talented people to sell their products and grow their businesses.

I believe in empowerment, devotion, perseverance, motivation and hard work.

I have hope that with your love and kindness of helping one another we will achieve this and  I have faith in you.

Please donate what you can.  Nothing is too small to help.

Please share with your friends,

Thank you,