This is part a part of your leg below the ankle joint, on which gives your body the ability to stands and move to reach different areas and places. Your foot carries all your body weight. This is one of the most important parts of our body that gives us proper support.It is a structure used for locomotion.  You are able to stand upright because of foot support.  Your foot and your ankle they consist of 26 bones and 33 joints. There are metatarsals, tarsals, tendons, phalanges, and ligaments.  The foot structure starts from the ankle, which looks like a junction where the foot gains all the support to be firm.


The forefoot has five toes that have fourteen bones that called phalanges.  The joints between the phalange are called interphalangeal.  In the middle section, the are five bones that are called metatarsals and seven tarsals bones.

In your foot, they are also ligaments and tendons. Ligaments are the soft tissue that helps with the attachments of one bone to the other metartasalbone.  Tendons help to attach muscles to the bones. The Achilles’ tendon is the most important tendon that provides us with the most support while walking, jumping and running. Our foot has a nerve called tibial which is the main nerve in our foot. All these bones, muscles, and ligaments work together to provide you with the best comfortable support that your foot requires.  If one bone is in pain it easily affects other bones and ligaments. If tendons are unable to work properly to attach muscles to the bones, the muscles and the bones will be affected. And the pain will go along your entire foot.  This is why your entire foot ends up swollen, painful, and stiff.

If your feet are in pain what will really happen?


Which types of diseases or sickness that attack our feet?

Did you know?

They are many sickness and diseases that attack our feet and many of them are caused by uncomfortable footwear or shoes and also walking barefoot. This is not good.


arthritisThis is the inflammation of one or more joints. Inflamed joints can cause or develop pain, stiffness, redness and swelling of your foot. Your foot has 26 bones and more than 33 joints that work together through the ligaments and tendons that control and helps with the movement, support and the motion of your foot.

Arthritis in your foot can be caused by different things and uncomfortable shoesuncomfort-shoes are one of them. If your shoes are too tight, they press and force your foot bones especially your metatarsals and phalanges bones, squeezing them together. It makes it harder for your tendon bones and ligaments to easily move. Your foot will start getting stiff, and as time goes on your foot will begin to get swollen and followed by pains. Seventy-five percent of the world population has experienced the stiffness and pain in their foot because of uncomfortable shoes. IF YOU START EXPERINCE ARTHRITIS, ALWAYS WEAR SANDALS



Bunions is a deforming of the joint connecting to the big toe. It can also occur on small toe. This is mostly a genetic problem that is carried along in the families. Uncomfortable shoes may not be the direct cause but they have a big contribution. If you wear shoes that do not fit well can make your foot to be stiff and swollen. Bunions mainly occur if your foot is under pressure, forcing your toes to be squeezed. This can cause your ligaments not to function well and lead your foot to be in pain.




This is a thick and hard skin that develops on top of your toes or on the side of your due to the skin irritation. It occurs when your skin tries to protect itself against repeated hard friction and pressure. The force causes blisters and it can develop on any part or side of your foot that cornsis under pressure or friction for a very long time. Corns are normally caused by tight shoes and shoes with less comfort.

 Ingrown Nail


Ingrown nail is when your nail grew inside your skin. It is very painful and it can sometimes correlate with a toe infection. This can be caused by injuries, fungus, improper nail trimming and also pressure from shoes that do not fit well and give you a proper support. If you wear tight fit shoes it may cause the nail to curve into your skin if not paying attention. Once your nail starts to grow inside your skin it causes an infection. Your toe will start to swell up.

If your toes are infected!

It is important to clean your nail set equipment before using them.Use a different nail cutter on the infected toe. Try to soak your foot in the warm salt water for ten to fifteen minutes and put few drops of an antibiotic oil and massage gently with the tips of your fingers.  This will help to relieve the pain and the swelling. Wear shoes that are open to provide your toes with the freedom to be able to move freely.


Plantar fascia

plantar-fascia-1It is a thin tissue or ligaments on the bottom of your feet connecting the heel bone to the toes. When this ligament is stretched beyond measure it causes plantar fasciitis. Plantar fasciitis is a painful stabbing pain that you feel on the bottom of your foot close to the heel. It is caused by straining your ligaments that support your foot arch. It occurs more in people who spend long hours standing on their feet and if you are wearing shoes with poor arch support, it can be worse.  It can also cause the heel pain.Picking the right shoes for long hours can prevent plantar fasciitis.


podoconiosis-1Podoconiosis is a non-infectious type of elephantiasis also known as nonfilarial elephantiasis . This is a disease that can be caused by walking barefoot on infected soil or wearing shoes that expose your feet to get contact with infected soil. The disease causes your foot to be swollen and puffy, leading your foot to become disfigurement and disability. This can cause your foot to have a mossy foot disease. The massive swelling of your foot and your leg.  This is so painful and can lead to the removal of your foot.

You can only prevent this to happen by wearing proper shoes that do not expose your foot to the infected soil. It is very important to do the right thing before is too late. People who are affected by this disease are mainly in rural areas and in the area whereby animals decompose just on the ground without a proper care in a   typical rainfall.  If a person steps in that area without shoes or without proper shoes that cover the entire foot, the is high possibility that your foot will be infected.

You definitely don’t  want any of this sickness or diseases to happen to you, your family member or anyone in the community. Shoes are very important in our life’s as they protect us against all this illnesses, rough conditions and give us the most comfort and support we may desire.

They are many types of shoes that can provide the best support and comfort you desire at any given time whether you need running shoes, dress shoes, sports shoes, walking shoes, summer shoes or winter shoes. You will find them right here so that you protect yourself, and your foot from danger.  Do not allow all this sickness or diseases to happen to you because you are unable to find five minutes from your time to order or buy your lovely comfortable and supportive shoes. Our feet deserve the best protection for they are the carrier of our body, taking us to different places. They give your body the best comfort and support to be able to move freely from one place to another without any struggle. If your foot is hurt, where will you go? Life will become miserable, painful and hard.

It is best to share what we see, hear, experience with others so that we won’t have the family or community going through this.

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