Help Fight Corona Virus Wear A Mask


This donations will be used to buy more materials for hand made Free Masks that are being offered to the public in order to fight Corona Virus.

We need your help so that we can protect more people. Remember, together we will win.


Help Fight Covid-19 Wear A Mask

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Help Fight Corona Virus

Help Fight Covid-19


Corona Virus known as Covid-19 has touched every country and many families have been affected by this virus.

Businesses have been closed and many have lost their jobs. It is such a tragedy we are facing.

Donations Contribute to Fight against COVID-19 in Developing Countries.

With your help of donations, we can help to fight this pandemic virus by supporting healthy workers with necessary supply. Anything you have will save a life.


Thank you for your help. Together we will win.


Any amount is Appreciated

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The Savuti Northern Pride With Their Cubs

These two pride are historically known to hunt elephants. They have been recently sported killing one of the young elephants in the national park.
This Lions move in a park of nothing less than fifteen. They Always hunt together to easily accomplish the mission. They were sported in Chobe National park on the northern side of Chobe by African Bush lovers while in action. This is an amassing moment to witness!

This area is surrounded by the fauna and the flora of nature that will always be an amazing experience to travelers.

Find time and enjoy the beauty of nature as you explore every moment. Get an experience on how real wild animals that are not in a Zoo behave, and how they survive without being caged.

Mwaka Organic Hair Building Fibers

Hair Building Fibers that instantly give you the look of thicker, fuller hair made of Organic natural color Keratin protein that is naturally statically charged.

Easy and Fast solution for thin hair and for those who are going bald. See the results in 30 seconds.

It is a breakthrough product for sufferers who have hair loss that instantly eliminates bald spots or appearance of thinning hair, even if they get a close view, outdoor, under bright sunlight .

Soft and Strong for long-lasting hold.

Will not smear or stain your skin or clothing.

Last all day, all night, although if it’s windy, rainy and sweaty.

$25.99    $12.85


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Got2B Glued Hair Spray- Glue & Gel

Got2b glued is a long lasting hair holder product that is trading now in the market. This is products that is used by both genders, also can be used by kids. Got2b glued is sold in the form of a hair spray, Glue and Gel used to style and hold your hair. You can use to style your natural hair, hair extensions, wigs mostly front lace wigs.

Unlike other spay, this spray will boost your confidence,  you will agree with me that most holding sprays they do not hold for even half an hour. Talk about using it on a windy day while you have somewhere special to go, but your hair style looks like you just work-up just because you used a  wrong product. That’s why you will need to always buy got2 be glued blasting Freeze Spray. Available in Aleoba for only $8.55

These products gives you all you have been looking for.

What do I mean by that?

Have you took a shower that messed up your hair style?

Have you been in a hot day where you can’t stop sweating and your hair style start looking like you were running a long distance race?

Or you were walking from one place to another and the rain cached you before you get where you are going? I believe most people have passed through this situations. But guess what?!

This spray is water resistant, you won’t have to pass through the hair disappointment and feeling like to counsel that important meeting your were to attend.

You can use this hair Spray in many different styles to hold and bring that final beautiful look of your hair style.

Got2b Ultra glued invincible styling Gel. Available in Aleoba for only $1.75



Steel Toe Work Boots are boots that are designed to give protection and comfort.  Mostly recommended  for Engineers, Electricians, Linesmen, Mines Worker, Maintenance men, Warehouse worker, Mechanics, Plumber, Contractions worker etc…


Safety Steel Toe Cap- It helps and protect your feet from being harmed by small, large and heavy falling or moving objects at your work place. Recommended in most countries to be worn in working environment that deals with heavy equipment, electricity and wet conditions.
Timberland PRO Men’s 6″ Waterproof Non-Insulated Work Boot

This is one of the most used and highly recommended work boot that provides the protection and the comfort that any worker will desire.
Remember, your feet is one of the most important part of your body that carries your entire wait. It deserves to be comfortable and protected by all means.

$125 $93.75 Only

Gray SAFETOE Mens Safety Boots Work Shoes Black Waterproof Leather Work Boots.

Oil and Slip Resistant

Gray SAFETOE Mens Safety Boots Work Shoes Black Waterproof Leather Work Boots.
You will work with confidence and tranquil. Oil and slip resistant soles prevent sole deterioration and offers dependable grip on slippery work surfaces.

This Work Boots Are Made Of 100% Genuine Breathable Leather, Approved Top Quality Material Lightweight and Solid. Easy to wear and very comfortable for short and long working hours. They have Multi-layered out-sole offers superior shock absorbing qualities to alleviate pressure around the arch of your foot. Suitable for all types of foot arch ( High foot arch, Middles /Normal fool arch and flat/low foot arch. The injection assembled sole allows flexibility for your feet to bend and move around easily.

Brown SAFETOE Mens Safety Boots Work Shoes Black Waterproof Leather Work Boots

$125.00   $93.75

Electrical Hazard

The outer part of the boot and the inner cushion is designed to protect and comfort your foot. The hard-wearing soles on the protector is designed to withstand 18,000 volts, reducing the risk and the danger of work related hazards when in contact with electricity energized parts, equipment and environment.