Aloba is a marketplace which is looking for the success of the stakeholders and the shareholders. We are out to make and give possibilities to all individuals that are willing to improve and grow their businesses. 75% of business fail to even come out of the ground and the 25% of those which make it out of the ground 3rd of them die within the first 2 years of operation.

Why does so many businesses fail?

The most and very important reason is because of lack of finance and guidance. Now, Aleoba is giving you the opportunity which will allow you to maneuver through this toughest moments of your business. You will go to the bank and they will tell you that you don’t have the experience and qualifications of running a business. But in Aleoba we are going to offer you the easy way of running a successful business. But you have to bear in mind that everything you do requires hard work, commitment and the drive of being a successful business men or woman.

What does that Aleoba do to help take my business to the next level?

”About the tangible product loan”, If you are interested in any of Aleoba products or services we will assist by giving you that what you are looking for as a loan in the form of a product or services. You will be given enough stock that will allow you enjoy the fruits of your hard work. Everything that you will be getting is in the benefit of your business success.

What should I do to get this loan?

Everything has been made easy, just download the tangible product loan requirements forms here and just follow the instructions. Once you manage to open the page where you can get the form, just click where it says “add to cart” and checkout. All Aleoba distributors have a free access to this forms. Once purchase is complete the forms will be sent to the email address which you will use during checkout and you can also download them from Aleoba especially if you have opened an account in Aleoba platform. Which we encourage you do, because you can come back later and find your downloads there.

You can contact us at for more information. We have an awesome team that will get back to you within 24 business hours.