About Aleoba Online MarketPlace


Aleoba is an online marketplace that brings products/services to millions of people. We help highly motivated and committed individuals to open a store under our online marketplace. We help to bring the seller/vendor and the customer together.

We offer the most and the best customer service compared to other online marketplaces.

Who Can open a Store in Aleoba?

In Aleoba any person who is highly motivated to take his or her own business to millions of people can open a store. You need to be committed to fulfilling all orders on time and always comply with Aleoba policies.


What makes Aleoba so Unique?

In Aleoba we work as a family. Once you become a member you have everything you need in your palm. We have the community that helps one another to overcome any obstacles that will arise in your store.

We help one another on how to become more successful in our businesses.

We purchase products from one another unless not published.

We have meetings and groups that motivate and gives advice.

We learn from one another.


How To Become a Vendor/Seller?

Everything in aleoba is made very easily, simple and accurate. The is no unnecessary information needed. You will enjoy being part of Aleoba Online Marketplace.

  • You simply log-in to https://www.aleoba.com
  • Click on Sell
  • Choose one membership level that will work best for you.
  • You will be instantly approved to be a member.
  • Then go to vendor dashboard, you will be asked to apply as a vendor, just tick the box then submit.
  • Then wait for your vendor or seller application to be approved. It usually takes few hours to be approved.You will receive an email to let you know that your application has been approved.  Sometimes emails can take longer to appear in your inbox, just visit your account and click on vendor dashboard or Wc Fronted Manager. If it has been approved it will open to allow you enjoy and explore your Store.

Thank you for choosing Aleoba Online Marketplace. We believe in sharing the good news. Please share with your family and friends. they will love to be here.

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