What’s a distributor?

Distributors– Aleoba distributors are qualified individual to introduce Aleoba products and services to people in their countries. They elaborate what the company offered and be able to explain how it will benefits people who choose to be part of Aleoba Online MarketPlace.

These distributors are divided in different section in each country to pursue and accomplish Aleoba missions and plans on how they can better their lives and those of people around them.

Aleoba support vendors and manufactures on how they can enter the over boarder market without any extra costs. The distributors also explain to manufactures of local products on how they can register their products under the country Aleoba Online MarketPlace. They will be given the opportunity to sell their products nationally and internationally online through Aleoba platform for free and only pay a fee when the product sells.

How to become a distributor?

You are required to fill out a distribution form that you will can download from here. Then submit it to your country manager or at distribution@aleoba.com

Once approved as a distributor, you will be given a special code that you will always use when purchasing products in Aleoba at a lower price. You will automatically become an affiliate. You will have affiliate links that you can share with your family, friend or those you have introduced the business to. When a person clicks on your affiliate links and purchase a product, you are automatically going to receive 10% cash of the total purchase the person made. Distributors get 2.5% of every business they introduce to be able to sell their products or services online.

Distributors also receives monthly incentives all the time when a certain target is met.

When your application is approved you go to 3 – 5 days distribution training. This will help you understand the companies rules and regulations, mission, how to accomplish targets and how to run a successful business.

Why becoming a distributor?

Aleoba distributors are treated as shareholders. They control, guide, lead, motivate, instruct, and they organize on how they can accomplish the monthly sells. Distributors earn income on every sell, incentives every month, and bonuses every year. It is fun and easy. Work from your home, schedule your own time, work at night or during the day.

How and where to order the goods?

Goods are to be ordered or collected from the countries Aleoba Offices for the final delivery.